Google Wave? As primeiras impressões

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O novo “brinquedo” da Google está a ser esmiuçado e escrutinado por cerca de 100 mil pioneiros. Beta testers, se preferir.

Entre abundante informação publicada sobre o Google Wave, ainda é rara a que fala na primeira pessoa. Dos relatos de quem já as testou depreende-se que:

– Não é uma ferramenta de Social Media;
Twitter, Facebook e outras redes não serão beliscadas;
– É uma ferramenta colaborativa capaz de facilitar a vida a PMEs e complicar a da Microsoft;
– Pouco intuitiva. É necessária uma boa dose de paciência para compreender as suas funcionalidades;
– Mais do que o novo email, é o novo Instant Messenger e Fórum;
– Ideal para realizar tarefas multimédia entre grupos de pessoas;
– Está à frente do seu tempo mas dificilmente será popular;

O que eles dizem sobre o Google Wave:

Melhora a colaboração em tempo real, diz Louis Gray

Google Wave takes on traditional e-mail systems and incorporates chat-like or instant messaging technology all in one. Instead of a typical “I send you a message, you receive it and you reply” type of exchange, Wave encapsulates conversations between people and shows real-time responses in line, more like threaded comments than individual messages.

I can see how small teams may use Wave for real-time collaboration. Its nature offers an opportunity to further eliminate distance and improve information exchanges.”

É um canal IRC com capacidades multimédia, diz John Scalzi

Google Wave basically strikes me as an innovative small business collaboration tool somewhat amusingly miscast as Zomg the thing what will change everything forever, amen. Well, no. Google Wave will not replace your e-mail, paint your house, give you a kidney or push us all headlong into the singularity.

It’s a chat room or an IRC channel, with substantially improved media-embedding capabilities.”

O fórum dos tempos modernos, diz Rico Mossesgeld

Google Wave is your traditional forum on steroids, with the ability to add extensions to change the way you share stuff with other people.

Think of each wave as a conversation of sorts, but with the ability to add not only words, but pictures, videos, and other sorts of media to the virtual discussion.

Users can even choose to frame the conversation in different ways, examples being running a collaborative Sudoku game, or setting up Yes-No-Maybe waves.

Uma boa ferramenta para empresas, diz Oscar Berg

Google Wave IS Email 2.0. And I mean that in a good way. Google Wave has apparently been designed to take advantage of the simplicity of email and our familiarity and (sometimes bad) habit with using email for virtually any kind of communication and even collaboration.

I personally think that Google Wave will hit like a bomb on the enterprise market for collaboration and communication tools. I am quite sure that the news about Google Wave hit like a bomb at the Microsoft Corp Headquarters in Redmond when it was announced at the Google IO conference in May earlier this year.”

Dispensável. Prejudica a produtividade, diz Robert Scoble

“I just got my Google Wave invite. No, I’m already out, so I can’t send one to you, sorry. But this service is way overhyped and as people start to use it they will realize it brings the worst of email and IM together: unproductivity.

This is far far worse than email. (New email always shows up at the top of my inbox, where Google Wave can bring me new stuff deep down at the bottom of my inbox). It’s far far worse than Twitter (where new stuff ALWAYS shows up at top). It’s even far worse than FriendFeed, which my friends always said was too noisy. At least there when you write a comment on an item it pops to the top of the page.”

Uma inovação que não responde à necessidade da maioria dos utilizadores de internet, diz Steve Rubel

“I have had a Google Wave sandbox account since late July. It’s slick to be sure. However, what I keep asking myself is this: what problem does it solve? In many ways it’s overly complex. In fact it’s too complex for the era of the Attention Crash where all of us, especially knowledge workers, are crying for simplicity.

Wave requires a new way of thinking. Sure, we’re capable of it as humans. Wave maybe ahead of its time. We like linearity.

RSS is one of the greatest Internet innovations of the last decade
So why did it never take off with consumers? Simple. It didn’t solve problems that many people have. It only solved problems that some, eg info junkies, had. And it required a new way of thinking and operating.”

Já experimentou o Google Wave? Qual é a sua percepção inicial?

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