Já ouviu falar de Web 3.0? E de Web 4.0? 1

Uma definição das novas gerações da comunicação Web pode ser lida no texto Seven Digital Disruptions Shaping the Digital Revolution. Aqui fica, para memória futura:

“In the wake of Web 2.0, which some call the Social Web, comes Web 3.0, the Semantic Web, which has been on the drawing board for several years. Users will no longer simply share information but instead knowledge, across open systems capable of learning. Such systems could, for example, use deduction to identify the solution that best fits a user’s search.

With Web 3.0, the end result is being able to find relevant information, extract embedded and intrinsic knowledge, reason automatically, solve more complex problems, and manage computer systems autonomically.

This Web 3.0, expected to emerge over the next decade, will pave the way for a new phase predicted to emerge by 2020: Web 4.0, which will connect intelligence in an environment where humans and machines will be able to reason and communicate together.”

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